CBT Course (1 day)

Most suitable for riders with some previous riding experience, looking to renew or for those with limited experience wishing to ride an Automatic moped or scooter.

CBT Course (2 day)

For riders wanting to learn to ride a geared motorcycle with very limited or no previous experience. More time is given to each Element, allowing you to become a better rider.

When Extra Training is needed

Despite everyone’s best efforts sometimes it simply takes more time to process everything to become a safe and competent rider on the road. If additional training is required then this is offered as a half day on a 1-2-1 basis (£150).

Geared Bike Intro

We strongly advise taking some training when looking to transfer from an Automatic to Geared motorcycle. We offer a safe space to make this transition with bike hire included. We offer this on a half day 1-2-1 basis.

Why choose us

Our main training site is at Westpoint, Exeter and as a motorcycle training school we are proud to work closely with Red One LTD (and the amazing training facilities they have), as result of this we are the only motorcycle training school with permission to use not only the very large training area but also the 3km of practice road network. Our ability to offer new riders a safe and relaxing environment to learn in is essential and something we have worked hard on to achieve. 

  • 50cc Automatic (Petrol & Electric) mopeds
  • 125cc Geared and Automatic bikes
  • BMW 310cc bikes (for 19+ year old learners)
  • Well maintained and modern hire bikes
  • Bike hire included
  • Safety Clothing included (Limited Sizing)
  • Very large training yard
  • Unique practice road network

CBT Training and what you need to know...

The CBT training course is taken on a 50cc (automatic) or 125cc machine with both automatic and geared bike options available. On completion of the CBT course, the rider will be issued with a DL196 (CBT Certificate) allowing them to ride with “L Plates”. The rider will not be permitted to carry a passenger or ride on the motorway. The CBT certificate is valid for two years from the date of issue. If after two years you’ve not passed a full motorcycle licence you’ll be required to retake the CBT course to continue riding with L plates.

The requirements to complete the Compulsory Basic Training (CBT) course are;

  • 16 years of age for 50cc
  • 17 years of age for 125cc
  • 19 years of age (with previous experience) for 310cc –

Please Note: As a provisional licence holder, you can only ride up to a 125cc machine (when 17+), unless in radio contact with a Fully Qualified Motorcycle Instructor.

Hold a valid UK (Full or Provisional) driving licence with provisional category A (motorcycle entitlement)

Like with many industries the summer months (April onwards) can be very busy for us so please consider booking in advance to avoid disappointment.

Safety for all riders attending a course with us continues to be a priority and is the reason why we will only operate to a maximum of 2 students per instructor.

1-2-1 tuition is still available and for some often more beneficial, as it allows training to be tailored to your individual needs.

Choose the course which works best for you

1 Day CBT

VAT @ 20% included
Some experience or renewal
Max 2 students per instructor
Bike & Kit Hire Included
DL196 Certificate Included
1-2-1 Tuition Available
Option to pay via Payl8r

2 Day CBT

VAT @ 20% included
Never ridden before
Max 2 students per instructor
Bike & Kit Hire Included
DL196 Certificate Included
1-2-1 Tuition Available
Option to pay via Payl8r

Auto to Gears

VAT @ 20% included
Valid CBT required
Max 1 student per instructor
Bike & Kit Hire Included
Certificate Included
Half Day Session
Option to pay via Payl8r

And Finally – PLEASE NOTE:

An unsatisfactory first attempt at the CBT is often caused by a lack of highway code knowledge and understanding of what is expected of you on the public road. There is only so much we can do in one or two days, so we kindly as that you spend time prior to the start of your course (especially if only a provisional licence holder with no car driving experience), to read the highway code and get out in a car with a family member or friend. If you come to us better prepared you’ll enjoy the whole experience so much more and are more likely to be passed on your first attempt.