Compulsory Basic Training

Many new riders have the same questions, here are the most common ones and to help you on your way.

The answer is yes you do. We are required to spend a minimum of two ours out on the public highway in order for you to complete your CBT. To do this legally you need to have a provisional motorcycle licence.

No you do not need to have your own bike to do the CBT course. If you are not sure which way to go (Automatic or Geared) then we’d advise against buying your own until completion of the CBT anyway. Our fee includes bike hire with a selection of bikes available from 50cc – 310cc (Please note: Any size bike can be used to train on for CBT whilst with a qualified instructor but following this you may only ride up to a 125cc when on your own). You are obviously more than welcome to use your own bike if appropriate to do so.

If this is your first CBT then we’d suggest completing your CBT first before committing to purchasing all of the kit. You can take the opportunity during the CBT to find out more about suitable kit for riding a motorcycle or Scooter. We can supply all the necessary kit to see you safely through the CBT course but do request that you bring your own kit of you have it and as a minimum wear jeans and sturdy footwear that covers the ankle. Following your CBT if you need to purchase kit we can help there to, with a minimum 15% discount offered when buying kit from our shop in Paignton.

Your CBT certificate (DL196) will be valid for two years from the date of completion. You’ll need to keep the certificate safe as it is a legal document. You’ll often need to supply a copy to validate your insurance and it’ll be required by the examiner should you proceed towards a full licence.

You’ll need to bring your driving licence (ideally with proof of provisional entitlement), some lunch, bike kit if you have it, wear jeans and sturdy footwear coving the ankle if not. The CBT is a days course and when learning we consider it as being typically 6 – 8 hours depending on previous experience and whether a geared or automatic bike is being used.

Full Licence Courses

Here are a few questions commonly asked aimed at the full licence. Please do not hesitate to contact us should you need further information.

No you do not. Provided you are of the minimum age required, have a provisional motorcycle licence (Category A), a valid CBT certificate (DL196) and valid motorcycle theory test certificate then you may go straight to the category of test you wish to have. If you are not sure which would be best then feel free to get in touch for mare help.

MOD1 is the first of two tests and is carried out at the test centre within a confined area. You’ll be required to carry out a variety of both slow and high speed manoeuvres to a test standard. You are allowed up to a maximum 5 minor faults on this test.

MOD2 is the second of two tests and this is where you’ll be in radio contact with an examiner. You’ll be taken out for an approximately 40 minute road ride during which you’ll have a few tasks to carry out including an independent ride which last up to 10 minutes.  You are allowed up to a maximum 10 minor faults on this test.

We’re proud to be associated with BMW Motorrad, so much our fleet consists of the BMW 310r and the F750GS (which has two seat height options). These bikes are replaced every year so you’ll always be on the latest BMWs. That said for some these bikes can be a little tall or heavy which is why we have a selection of other bikes to including a very low seated Kawasaki ER6N and for riders with less mobility in the legs and requiring a cruiser style bike with forward positioned foot controls we have a Hyosung GV650 cruiser.

If you fail your MOD1 then you’ll not be able to take your MOD2 and if you have this booked for the same day then you will as a result forfeit your £75 test fee.

If you pass your MOD1 but fail your MOD2 then you’ll only be required to return to take your MOD2 provided your MOD1 certificate is still valid and this will be set to expire at the same time as your Theory Test.

The average rider can go from not having ridden a motorcycle to gaining their full motorcycle licence over a period of 6-7 days. Some riders come to us with previous riding experience and this will obviously have an influence on how many days are required. Our advice is to start with the CBT, followed by the 2 day 1-2-1 initial course. Following this we can then finalise how much more time is going to be required before your tests, which will help prevent doing more than is required but also struggling by having underestimated what was required. It’ll also help you decide on whether you should consider splitting your tests. If done right many riders can often achieve their full licence for less than £1000.