CBT Course Prices

The prices shown include it all - hire of a motorcycle, safety clothing (should it be required), insurance and full use of our unique facilities.
IMPORTANT: All training is now required to follow strict covid guidelines on social distancing so only 1-2-1 training is available until further notice.
CBT (1 day course) = £168.00 (1-2-1 training)
CBT (2 day course) = £328.00 (1-2-1 training)
CBT (Re-Certification) = £138.00 (1-2-1 training - allow a minimum of 4/5 hours)
Extra CBT training required = £35.00 per hour (rarely required if you book on to the right course)

Why you need to do a CBT:

CBT was introduced in December 1990 with the aim of improving road safety and reducing motorcycle accidents. All learner motorcycle and learner moped riders must successfully complete a CBT course before riding on the road, the only exception being if you have passed your car driving test before 1 February 2001, then you are able to ride a 50cc moped restricted to 30 mph on that licence without having to obtain a CBT. The course is designed for the beginner. It is a training course and not a test, so don’t worry if you have never ridden a motorcycle/moped – this course is designed for YOU! Once you have successfully completed your CBT, you will be issued a DL196 (CBT) certificate which will allow you to ride a 50cc moped at 16 and up to 125cc if you are 17 and over. You must display L-plates clearly both on the front and rear of your bike, you may not carry passengers nor use motorways.

What you’ll be required to do:

There are five elements to the CBT course all of which must be completed to a satisfactory standard, this will include a minimum time on road of 2 hours, no matter what your experience. The five elements are as follows:

  • Element A – Introduction to the CBT course: We’ll be checking your driving licence and eyesight before discussing the aims of the course and how the day will run. This will be followed by a discussion about the benefits of suitable clothing and the advantages of specific motorcycle clothing.
  • Element B – Introduction to the bike: We’ll talk about the controls (where they and how they work), basic machine checks / maintenance and demonstrate the correct use of both the side and centre stands.
  • Element C – Off road training: This is where you will learn to ride the bike in a safe off road environment. You will be required to carry out various exercises within an area certified by the DVSA. The time taken for this element varies depending on the riders ability and/or previous experience.
  • Element D – Road Brief: This is a classroom based Q & A session. It is your chance to show us what you know and to gain a better understanding on topics you may not be so clear on. It will be clear to your instructor in this element whether you have read your highway code recently as many of the questions asked will not be difficult to answer if you have.
  • Element E – Road Ride: This is the final stage of your CBT. You will spend a minimum of two hours on public highways, during which you’ll be asked to both lead and follow your instructor whilst at all times being in radio contact. You’ll be required to carry out a safe U-Turn and an Emergency Stop exercise as well as demonstrate a safe level of riding in all the road environments that you may encounter.

How long does the CBT certificate last for?

The CBT certificate lasts for two years. If in that time you have not taken and passed a practical test you have to take another CBT course.

What are the requirements?

In order for you to book on to a CBT course you will need to be 16 years old or over and have a valid Photocard driving licence (provisional/green or full/pink), older paper style licences are still acceptable with photo ID.

What options are there for taking your CBT?

1 Day Course (Automatic Bike): This is going to be suitable for most new riders especially those with absolutely no previous riding experience. It does not prevent you from riding a geared motorcycle upon completion but if this is your intention then you should really consider our two day CBT course and give yourself every opportunity to stay safe on todays very busy roads.

1 Day Course (Geared Bike): This is going to be suitable for “new to road” riders who have some previous off-road riding experience and possibly for those with limited riding but who have been driving cars on the road for some time.

2 Day Course (Geared Bike): This should be considered by “ultimately” all riders new to the road no matter what your previous riding experience. It’s vital that riders wishing to learn on a geared machine, that have no previous riding experience consider giving themselves the extra time to learn and build the confidence to feel comfortable and safe. For many riders an introduction to a larger capacity bike towards the latter part of this course can be considered.

Re-Certification: This course is conducted usually on a 1-2-1 basis and is for riders who have a current CBT certificate which is close to expiry (or recently expired). You don’t necessarily need to have your own bike but you should have been riding on a regular basis and require the CBT certificate to be renewed in order to continue riding under a learner status. This course still covers the CBT syllabus as set out by the DVSA but you’ll not be instructed in the same was as we would if you were a beginner. We will however be looking to develop and add to the skills you should have already established over the past two years of riding.

Our CBT training sites:

Exeter: Devon Travel Academy, Westpoint, Clyst St Mary, Exeter, EX5 1DJ – 7 days a week.
Torbay: 142 Torquay Road, Paignton, TQ3 2AH – This is our meeting point for free travel to Westpoint.
Our training site at Westpoint is second to none with onsite toilets, tea/coffee making facilities, classroom, one of the largest training areas in the Southwest and full scale practice road network.

To book or for more information:

Simply give us a call on 0800 009 6464 or 07805 202385 and one of our friendly instructors will be more than happy to advise you further or to arrange a suitable date for your CBT. You can also request more information via our contact form.

Course Prices and Payment:

The price you pay includes everything you will need: bike hire and option for safety clothing should you not have any. A deposit of £50 is required to confirm your place on a course with the balance payable on the day of your course. Preferred methods of payments are Debit/Credit card, BACS and/or Cash.