Improver Course

This course is designed for riders who already hold a full motorcycle licence, and want to obtain all of the following riding characteristics.

    • Make your riding smooth & progressive
    • Brake effectively & have correct appropriate gear selection
    • Enhance your observation & concentration
    • Improve your handling skills & fuel economy
    • Increase your enjoyment & exhilaration

The majority of riders choose to use there own bike for this course. If however you wish to hire a bike from us, please get in touch as we have several hire bikes to choose from.

Back to Biking

This course is designed for riders who hold a full motorcycle licence but have been away from biking for some time. Motorcycle training and development has come along way in recent years and this is a great opportunity to get your skills back in check.

Confidence Builder

This course can be tailored to the riders needs, maybe your recovering from an accident and are struggling to find that confidence again or maybe you wish to carry a pillion but just don’t know how it will feel. With our confidence builder courses you will receive the training you need specifically aimed at those areas that concern you.

Basic Machine Maintenance

This course is designed for riders who want to obtain knowledge on how to maintain their own bike more independently. Road, Trail and Trials bikes catered for. There are times when nothing beats getting your hands grubby and getting stuck in to maintaining your own bike. Just you, your bike, the radio on in the background and that cuppa getting cold on the workbench. Topics we cover include:

    • Chain & Sprockets adjustment and/or replacement
    • Brake pad and/or brake fluid change
    • Oil and Filter change
    • Fork Seals
    • Lights, Tyres, Inner tubes etc.